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Bijrani Zone gives close competition to Dikhala when it comes to customer preference. It is the most popular zone among the tourist visiting the Corbett. There is a reason for that. The reason being that it is the most accessible. At a distance of just 1 km from Ramnagar. Not only that, Bijrani has mixed topography with dense Sal forests combined with grasslands. According to the officials, Amadanda gate attracts the most number of tourist around the year.

As soon as you can enter the gate, then you have to travel a distance of roughly 5 kms of a buffer zone to be truly in the wild. As for all the other gates for this too you have to take prior permission from the authorities to enter the gate.  You can get details of getting the permit from this website.

Bijrani Zone Review?

bijrani safari zone

If you made an overnight plan and landed in Jim Corbett National Park. The chance is that you won’t be staying in the forest rest houses which get booked well in advance.You must be visiting the outer vicinity of Corbett. For the sake of safari, Dhikala Region is too crowded especially in the peak season or even otherwise.

There are only 30 vans allowed per slot which are given first come first serve basis. Therefore it gets even tougher to get into Dikahla which are given  The next best is Bijrani. Thus if you find yourself one beautiful morning in a safari to Bijrani, consider yourself lucky.

The forest has thick sal trees on the upper reaches. The lower reaches are filled with the mixed forest. The water availability in the area is maximum. In addition to that, there is a presence of thick grass which ensures that tiger might lurk for prey. There you have your moment.

Bijrani Safari are preffered by visitors who are on a day visit.

Bijrani Zone Safari Booking Guide

bijrani zone safari booking

This zone has rich number of tigers thus a great zone for tiger sighting. As mentioned above Bijrani zone starts only 5km into the  Amadanda gate. There are provisions of safari in Bijrani Zone during the periods listed below. Each safari has a maximum of 6 members.

You can check for the availability of the safari from their website.  There are two categories of safari one is the elephant safari and the other one is the regular jeep safari. You would be well advised to take the jeep safari in the morning and elephant one in the evening.

Also apart from the permissions, you will also need to have a gypsy to make your safari possible. These are conducted by independent agents spread across the Corbett city. They do hoard the safaris in peak season timing so you can check for  availability even if the website shows the full packed.

Bijrani Zone Guest House Booking Information

The Bijrani  forest guest house has has six rooms (Four with double beds and two with single bed) and dormitory consisting of four beds. Also it has its own restaurant and canteen. Elephant rides into the jungle are available from here. The herds of elephant passing is not an uncommon sight.

bijrani zone guest house

The booking Bijrani rest house is done well in advance, you can check in their website for the availability status from their website . The rate are pretty cheap. The only issue is regarding the availability. If you are going in peak seasons you have tough chance.

The Rates for bijrani forest guest house are given below-

Bijrani Double Bed12502500
Bijrani Four Bed Room200004000
Bijrani Single Bed5001000

Bijrani Zone entry timings:

 Morning Evening
15th Nov to 15th Feb06:30 am01:30 pm
16th Feb to 16th Apr06:15 am02:00 pm
16th Apr onwards05:45 am03:00 pm


 Bijrani Zone Safari Season:

The Bijrani Day Safari zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve remains open for tourists from 15th October to 30th June.

Bijrani Zone Safari Timings:

Winters –

  • Morning Safari – 7 AM – 10 AM
  • Evening Safari – 2 PM – 5:30 PM


  • Morning Safari – 6 AM – 9:30 AM
  • Evening Safari – 3 PM – 6:30 PM

How to reach Bijrani in Jim Corbett National Park?

You have to first reach Amadanda gate which is at a distance of  1 Km from Ramnagar. Once you are Amadanda gate, you have to hop into a safari (with all the required permissions) after you have crossed a distance of 5 km to enter the buffer zone to reach Bijrani.

Bijrani Zone Map

bijrani zone map

Bijrani Location.

The google map of Bijrani is given below which you can use to get there.



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