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Ranikhet - Queen Medows

Best Time To Visit Ranikhet

The best time to visit Ranikhet is in the months of September to November. Peak season of Ranikhet is April to June. So if you want to escape from the intense heat of the plains, this place is best. Ranikhet being popular for its climate resides in the high altitude which provides cool whether throughout the year. Generally Ranikhet receives heavy snowfall during the winters. Temperature in this region may go beyond freezing point due to plenty of snowfall. Ranikhet has one of the mildest and pleasant climate you will encounter anywhere in India.

Summers start from March till the end of may, but the climate remains cool in summers too as the temperature doesn’t rise up from 22 degree. It is because of the climate that Lord Mayo viceroy of India wants to make Ranikhet as the summer capital. Monsoon in Ranikhet arrives from late June till early September and receives high rainfall. Winters in this region comes pretty early form early October and ends in February.



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