Best time to visit Nainital for a Memorable Time

Are you planning your trip to Nainital and wish to know which is the best time to visit Nainital?  Don’t worry, here is the detailed review to solve your problem. Nainital snuggles at an altitude of 1958m on the southern extremity of Lesser Himalayan Zone of Kumaun. It is one of the most alluring of hill-stations in North-India. The city has evolved around its pristine Naini Lake. Nainital was the summer capital of United Province & continues to be known as the ‘lake district of India’.

There is nothing  as  best time to visit Nainital. There are perks and miss outs of every season. Here we will explain the pros and cons of each season. We are giving you the season wise report of each season-

Mid April – June Last

The summer season. This is the best time to visit in Nainital as the heat wave is high in the plains. The kids have there summer holidays. It is an ideal time to seek respite in the shelter of a hill station. The  only negative is that there are many like minded people. The tariff go off of the roof in season time. There is traffic. Most tourist spots are over populated. The hill station loses its tranquility in such buzz.

June to Mid  August

The monsoon season. When it rains in Nainital it really pours. The hills breathe through train. The scenic beauty of Nainital is on its highest in the rainy season. The rates are on lowest during this season. In an addition to this the roads are empty. There is a slight chance of you of a road blockage which gets cleared out within hours.

Mid August to October

This is the famous Bengali Season as most of the tourist are Bengalis. Their is a spike in prices with the Bengali Season. The weather is cool but not to chilly. There is little or no rain. The town is crowded but not too crowed. Autumn season might be the best season to visit Nainital as you get the best of both worlds.

November – March

The winter is here. The season is for those who like to travel in their jacket sipping hot coffee. The room rates are low except for the festive season from 24 Nov to 31st April. The hill-station also ho Winter carnival. Winter Carnival is the celebration of Pahari culture along with the tadka of Bollywood celebrities. The season is the ideal time to visit Nainital for those who crave to witness snowfalls.

As we have seen in the article Nainital has its door open for the entire year. Any season well might be the best season to visit Nainital. In conclusion, this hill station can be visited any time of the year when one is well equipped with proper clothing.

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