Best time to visit Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park attracts visitors from around the globe. Along with the honor of being India’s oldest wildlife sanctuary, Corbett also enjoys the honor of being the home of the biggest cats in India. The proximity from Delhi has made it one of the best weekend getaways. But exactly what is the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park? Here you will find the best time to visit Jim Corbett depending upon different seasons.
corbett seasons

“Cat: Where are you going?

Alice: Which way should I go?
Cat: That depends on where you are going.
Alice: I don’t know.
Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

In this blog post, we discuss what season would be the best time to visit Corbett. There are no easy answers to this question. We can begin with ‘it depends on your reason for Corbett”.

There are many reasons on why people visit Corbett National Park. The most popular being to have a rendezvous with the king of the jungle. If that reason and that reason alone is your wish, then the ideal time would be from Oct – June. The Dikhala and Bijrani Zones which are most popular for tiger sightings remain open for this season.

Best time to visit Jim Corbett in Different Seasons:

Corbett in April to June

If you wish to escape the summer heat and have a family outing. You might come in winters which are another perfect season to visit Corbett National Park. The only problem being that many other people feel the same. It is the season time. The resorts charge their maximum fees; it ‘s hard to get bookings for Safari, Dikhala Zone is never free in the peak time, and Bijrani might well be off the table. You might not get the tiger this point in time, but you might get respite from the scorching heat.

Corbett in July to October

best time to visit corbett

There is no best time to visit Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary, but there is a wrong time to visit Corbett National Park. It’s the monsoons. The July to Mid October. Although zones like Jirna zone remains open throughout the air, even there the chances are quite small that you will be able to make into the area, since there is no safari on rainy days.

Corbett in December to March

On the other hand, if there has to be the best time to visit the Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. It must be the winter i.e. after November. After the rush of crowds in the initial days, Corbett sees a very few people in winters. If you are intelligent enough to real safari in your favorite zone and the best accommodations in Corbett are available at reasonable a much lower rates. The temperatures in the sanctuary don’t go down much. The winters, therefore, are the best time to make the calmest of the wild without spending a fortune for it.



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