Best time to visit Jageshwar

Jageshwar has a moderate climate all round the year. The town receives ample amount of rainfall during monsoons. Basically their is no best time to visit Jageshwar as whenever you will visit that is the best time. During winters the temperature may fall to zero degree and remains chilling till the month of mid March. In summers the climate remains mild and comfortable for travellers.

jageshwar, almora, uttarakhand

Summer season in Jageshwar starts from early April and last till the end of June. Summers are quite moderate and is best for visiting. Jageshwar might receive rainfall during summers too. The average temperature may go to 30 degrees and lowest may fall to 12 degrees.

Jageshwar receives heavy rainfall during rainy season. Monsoons starts from July and last till the month of September. During monsoon the temperature may fall the climate gets cool too.

winters in jageshwar

Night in Jageshwar during winters may be bitterly cold. Winters may arrive from October and last till the month of March. Region may receive considerable amount of snowfall during winters. Also you may encounter with cold breeze during winters. Because of the famous pilgrimage area and moderate climatic conditions Jageshwar can be visited round the year.



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