best time to visit binsar
Ideal Time to visit Binsar

Best Time To Visit Binsar

Although you are welcomed to visit Binsar anytime of the year. The best time to visit Binsar would be depending on what you expect from Binsar. There are the different season which offers different things to travelers. We have given a brief for each in the below article.

Binsar (April – June)

The summer season marks the peak season in Binsar. There are a lot of tourists who seeks respite from the heat wave in the Plains. As a result, even the less popular hill stations get flooded by tourist. On most days the vista of the majestic Himalayas is clear. The wildlife might hesitate to show themselves among a lot of people. The tariffs are high in this season. You might need to book your hotel at first.

Binsar (July to September)

There might be no iota of doubt that it is in the monsoon season which brings out the most beautiful in the hills.  But this is also true there are chances of road block and Himalayas are missing from Binsar in this season. The walking treks might also take a hit during this period.

Binsar (October – March)

binsar weather

Many claims that this is the best time to visit Binsar. There are fewer people around, there is a chill in the wind, chances for snowfall. The view of the Himalayas is clear on most days.  The wildlife is free and fearless. You might get the best guides and discounts on your hotel bookings.

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