Assur Vs Dev tales

We have all grown up watching Ramayana and Mahabharata. They consist of many tales between the good and evil. The fight between divine Dev and the monstrous Asurs . They were known to disturb the lives of the saints, disrupt their yagyas, burn their houses, and create total chaos.

Assur Villagers Mythology

Now let’s go back to Dev-Bhoomi (Uttarakhand) in the reign of Assiyan Ruler( 768 BC- 726 BC). (In case you haven’t noticed Asurs = Assiyans)  According to the researchers, the present day “Lohaghat “was the capital of the Assiyan Empire.  They were people who lived in the land that was rich in gold and other precious metals, they liked spending their time worshiping their deity (Shiva), and making merry with dances and festivities.

Uttarakhand Mythology

The Dasyus(Asurs) had chiefs over each tribe and several of whom have been named. They lived in cities, were intelligent, and knew the law, but did not adopt the Brahmanical rituals, especially the complicated system of sacrifices that required the aid and presence of several priests. These narrations also tell us that due to their superior physical powers, proficiency in mountain warfare, and posed quite a challenge for the Aryans.

Assur Mythology Uttarakhand

The battle for supremacy over the Himalayan region, especially the rivers, Indra, Agni, Brihaspati had a clear ultimate objective to release waters. As mentioned in Vedas “Indra slayed the chief of dragons and released waters from mountains”. Historians believe there was not much difference in the physical characteristics between the Aryans and these Tribal Himalayan people but the Vedas depict them as flesh eating demons, Goblins, bulging veins and protruding, red eye Pishachas. Spanish in the conquest of America used similar imagery to justify themselves wiping out entire tribes of native Americans.


Indra protected the Aryan colour and subjugated the black skin”Rig Veda Hymn (2nd 2196 ).Apparently the colour prejudice in our society goes much before the British.Indra used Agni to destroy seven villages and killed 50,000 soldiers there. Rig Veda Hymn (3rd 3419) “He Killed hundreds and thousands of them”.  It seems after this mass destruction and genocides Asurs had no options but to leave their homeland or accept defeat. Some took refuse in the trans Himalayas where some of these tribes continue to live in practices that were practiced several years by their ancestors.

Assur Vs Dev
Assur Vs Dev

The Gopeshwar belt still shows in script of the tribes Yakshas and Kasas. Ukimath had been christened on the name of “Usa” (Assur’s Daughter) who got married to  Krishna’s  grandson “Aniruddha”, Asurkula range in Pithoragarh, Sithlam bazzar in Pithoragarh is dedicated to Gunani Devi (Wife of Asur Jalandar).

Gurani Devi Pithoragarh
Gurani Devi Pithoragarh

Although these tribal did practice Gorilla warfare to reach the end which might be controversial but what they truly lacked was to produce the intellectuals like Vedic seers, or like the authors of epic purans didn’t get to put their side of the story forward. And in this case the Vedas were written by the Winners.




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