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Almora, the ancient kingdom of Chand Rajas, continues to be an important crowd puller in Uttarakhand. The architecture, tradition and the ever welcoming people of Almora are the major attraction of the place. Almora is the heart of Kumaun. There are many beautiful places in proximity of the area which is dipped in folklore and consist of majestic vistas. List of Almora excursions when you visit Almora.

Almora Excursions –

About 36 km far from Almora, Jageshwar is known for the Nagaraja style architecture temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva, architecture, mythology and for the tranquility of the place. The main temple of Jageshwar has dedicated to Baal (child) Shiva and another temple dedicated to Vriddha (old) Shiva. The Vriddha Jageshwar has situated 15 km from the main temple. Surrounded by dense Deodar forest Jageshwar is rich in flora and fauna.

jageshwar dham

Located at a distance of 23 km from the district head Almora, Katarmal is the only Sun Temple of North India.  According to Historians, king of Katyuri Dynasty built this temple. It is one of the most famous sun temples of ancient India.

Famous for its architecture, stone and metallic sculptures the temple dates back from 7th Century. Here you will see the carved images of Sun God. According to the legends, the temple is said to have built by the Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata in just one night. But due to some reason it remains half built, as today one can also see it clearly.

katarmal temple

Kasar Devi is famous among artist, poet, mystics, and hippies. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks likes Nandadevi, Trishul and Panchachuli & its sister peaks.

The place is also famous among the scientists as it is said that the place has strong magnetic vibrations. Swami Vivekananda meditated continuously for three days in Kasar Devi. It is located at a distance of 8 km from Almora.

kasar devi almora uttarakhand

It is a small hamlet that falls between Ranikhet and Almora. Rich in flora and fauna, the place is also famous for Shyahi Devi temple at the top of the hill. It gives a para nomic view of the mighty Himalayas like Trisul, Panchachuli, Nanda Devi East, Nanda Devi and other peaks. If seen from Almora (especially from Brighten ) the Shyahi Devi on one see two oddly shaped trees which gives an illusion like to tiger. Hence the name, tiger top.

Shyahi Devi temple

  • Chitai:

It is a small hamlet located about 12 km from Almora. Worldwide known as the Justice Deti of Kumaon, here the Golu Devta temple attracts people from miles away.

chitai golu devta temple almora uttarakhand

It is about 30 km north from Almora city. The famous Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is the main attraction here which is spread over an area of 45.59 sq. kilometer. The Sanctuary is the home of 200 bird species, porcupine, flying squirrel, Barking Deer, fox, musk deer, Himalayan bear, jungle cat, leopard,  langur, chital etc.


  • Simtola:

Simtola is of the most famous picnic spot in Almora. This place is opposite to the horseshoe ridge. From this place you will see panoramic view of all the enarby misty valley’s of Almora. Simtola is about 8km away from Almora and is among the Almora excursions in our list. However this place is near to the hiradungi which is diamond mining centre.


  • GB Pant Public Museum:

Next among the Almora excursions is Govind Ballabh Pant Public Museum is on the Mall road of the Almora. This museum was built to honour the Indian freedom fighter GB Pant in 1980. The opening time of the museum is 10:30 am and the closing time is 4:30 pm.

You will find belongings of Katyuri and Chand dynasty in the museum. Along with this you will even find arts, textiles, craft, miniature paintings, coins, bronze items, ivory copper plates, woodworks, manuscripts etc.

GB Pant Public Museum

  • Kalimat

When you will Kalimat you will find as if you have reached fairy-tail land. Kalimat is located at Hawalbagh tehsil in Almora. This place is just 1.7km away from Lala Bazaar. It is famous for its long walks that it offers to tourists.




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