About Us

Uttarakhandli.com is all about Uttarakhand, India. Explore Uttarakhand with Uttarakhandli.com – discover the places to visit, Uttarakhand tourism, culture, rituals, cuisine, local stories & more.

We at Uttarakhandli witness as a team of highly passionate individuals, travellers, excursionists & dreamers who put their heart into our complete process. What we are today is a result of combination of 3 things mainly – dedication, passion & sacrifice to really make things come out true & realistic to what we dreamt & lived years together in that hope. Uttarakhandli was not made in a day nor just a website that went live, it’s a result of continuous evolving process that keeps unfolding ideas to sustain like never before.

Its easy to confuse us facilitators of your journey or planners of itinerary. How we look at ourselves is that “We are story tellers”.  We believe that our home state has a lot of stories. Most of which continue to find a outbreak. We through this website attempt to make those zephyr from the mountains to find a way into the mainland. We wish to be your friend from Uttarakhand whose home town you are visiting.

We want you to witness the hospitality which keeps houses in cold winter nights warm. We want you to experience the resilience which has developed under extreme weather condition. We want you to form a connection to something deep inside you which you have lost in the way or never knew it existed.

We want to show you the power of faith. We want you not to conquer the mountains but to surrender to them, we want you not to tame the violent rivers but to flow with the stream. We want you to let go of the weight that you have been carrying as you slowly rise to Himalayas.

Come on.. let’s explore real Uttarakhand with Uttarakhandli.com