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Not even the breath taking landscape of your drive to Champawat district from Kathgodam can prepare you for the secrets that hide in Abbott Mount. Abbott Mount is like our very own “desi Hogwarts”. As very few people know the mesmerizing beauty of this place. It can also be a perfect honeymoon spot for the love birds.

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It is only when you cross the crowded bazzars of Lohaghat,  6km ahead a road climbs up dramatically through the clouds over 3 kms, to the tiny settled Abbott Mount. There are also cottages which are popularly called as Abbott mount cottages, there are just thirteen cottages spread across this hill all built pre independence by John Harnold Abott, who named the hill after himself (How convenient).

Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

I am irrevocably, irresistibly in love with the Deodar forest which I watched in awe driving uphill. As soon as the cab door opened I was in love again! The Himalayas had bestowed their presence on us.  My smartass friend started mumbling Trisul, Mailkot, Nanda Ghunti, Nanda Devi…. And I was gone.

Himalayas from Abbott Mount

There was a cloud cover beneath us in the Soar Valley.In my heart I thanked Mt Abott. That he chose this place where earthlings like us can sip tea sitting above the clouds staring at the Himalayas says Wahh Abott Wahh.

Abbott Mount Champawat

I read somewhere that we like sunsets because they give meaning to moments. We can see the sun slowly going down. At these moments we are truly present. And truly present we were there. A bonfire was arranged under my favorite Deodar trees.

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What to do in Abbott Mount?

You chill. You chill for as long as you want and in as much quantity of chill you can manifest. It’s not a place like Everest which is about conquering, this place is for discovery. For discovery of what a gift it is to be in laps of nature soaking in whatever it has to offer.

Abbott Mount Lohaghat

Waking up to the chirping of the birds, taking long walks in the jungle while not disturbing the woodpecker who is diligently performing his task. When you come across an old church, you, even the very rationalist part of you looks inside with supreme inner belief that there might be someone inside. You move on your path. You strike a conversation to the local about his stories

Abbott Mount Church Lohaghat

That sense of curiosity which gets lost to in the hustle  and bustle of the mundane neck to neck metro life suddenly is awakened. Visit Abbott Mount’s cricket stadium at just under 7000 ft. Abbott Mount is visited as a base camp for Pancheshwar. A pleasant 36 kms drive away from Lohaghat.

Abbott Mount Uttarakhand India

Where to stay?

Abbot Mount cottages and Snow View Cottages are two perfect options if you are looking for a real retreat in the hills. We stayed in Abbot Mount Cottage which can provide you with variety of delights at request.They do not provide fast service and it’s always better to inform them prior to your admission. Another tip would be to take upper cottage. The view is better.

Abbott Mount Cottages Uttarkhand







How to Reach?

By Train: The Nearest railway station is Kathgodam located 146 km from Abbot Mount. Cabs/Shared Cabs/ Buses are available from Haldwani (a station prior to Kathgodam)

By Road: The nearest Bus station is Haldwani. Buses leave regularly from ISBT Anand Vihar Delhi to Haldwani. (For prior reservation go to Uttarakhand Roadways website).   Cabs/Shared Cabs/ Buses are available from Haldwani to Bhageshwar. You have to book a cab for Abbott Mount from Bhageshwar if you haven’t already.

Abbott Mount Weather :

Lohaghat is a reasonably warm area and so Abbott Mount. Take warm woolen clothes if you are travelling in Winters. In Summers you can pack lightly. A sweater is must for the evening. Don’t forget packing your trekking shoes. Check the condition of roads before coming.



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