Uttarakhand Travel Tips

I was already late for my tuition classes, slow racing my way through the mall road when I was approached by this young men. He began by asking in his accent “Where is the nearest Disco here?” To which I promptly replied “Noida”. And so began a series of questions which I won’t be mentioning here. So here are 10 Uttarakhand travel tips that will give you an idea about the place.

Why in your wildest dreams would you come to a hill station looking for a Disco? I get the free-ka-Ac wala point but Go To A Mall. No?. It’s wiser. As you go in deeper into the hills even weirder questions, seem to appear. Hill Folks as I have known them are warm and welcoming.

10 Uttarakhand Travel Tips:

1. First Impressions Matter


First Uttarakhand travel tips is if you ever been to Rishikesh. You might have noticed that it’s foreigners who are wearing long robes and yoga pants. While many of the Indians are in our tight jeans and tight t-shirts. In a culture that promotes  “Be-Yourself,” which I totally respect that,  But it does make sense to say “When in Gharwal do as the Gharwali do it.” Try to pick out for your almirah something comfortable for the Hills.

2. Lower down on the Decibel Levels


I do appreciate your love for Punjabi Rock but playing it in high volumes in the middle of the road in Corbett National Park is something you should try and avoid. These are places which are visited by bird enthusiast, meditation practitioners, people in search of peace, apart from local. Please keep that in mind. You can play music. You can have a good time; You can do that without disturbing the otherwise peaceful surroundings.

3. Maintain Obviousness

things to get along with locals

We all like a bit of attention but too much of it can be an issue. Be obvious in the sense that you don’t want stand out from the crowd. Especially when you are visiting a place with low population density. You tend to grab a lot of eyeballs which makes it a little awkward for both you and for them.

4. Don’t Litter Around

things to get along with locals, Uttarakhad

Apart from the fact that it make basic civic sense. This is a self explanatory point. You don’t want to convey to the locals that tourist come only for consumption and  have no regards for the place they are visiting.

5. Respect Local Tradition and Deities


The people of Uttarakhand are deeply rooted in their culture. They love their deities. There are numerous temples of deities you might never have heard of. So be aware of rituals in these premises.

6. Namaste is Universal

things to get along with locals

Another Uttarakhand travel tips is Namaskar. It is the common greeting term in India and it works for Uttarakhand too. A genuine Namaskar with hands folded would take you a long way into a conversation.

7. Be Interested

things to get along with locals, kumaun, Uttarakhand

Phaddi people have a lot to share whether it might be sophisticated philosophies in simple words, you can unlock many hidden secrets of the area, its mythological stories only if you interact with them. They add a lot to your journey.

8. Enjoy Local Cuisines

things to get along with locals, kumaun, Uttarakhand

It’s very common for you to lookout for the food that your taste-buds are use too. It can be very rewarding to include a local dish within your diet. Unfortunately there are few restaurants that serve local dishes which take time and fresh ingredients.  You can always ask a  “local banda” what to eat. Where to eat.

9. Observe Cultural Practices

things to get along with locals, kumaun, Uttarakhand

If you happen to be especially in the interiors of Uttarakhand. You can observe a different language Kumauni in Kumaun/ Gharwali in Gharwal. These are not language but dialects. They are bunch of other unique cultural inheritances to be found out for those who are willing to seek.

10. Develop Compassion

things to get along with locals, kumaun, Uttarakhand

The lives in Hilly terrain are tough with limited food options and population. People living in these parts have to work as a team with other human beings and the Nature to thieve. If only witnessing these actions closely one can uncover the deep links between everything in our environment.



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